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Currently we are looking for



Location: Berlin, Germany

Salary: 90.000 – 130.000 Euro per year

Type of employment: employee

About the company:

Our client is the leading data visualization software for business presentations. The company is happy to employ talented C++ developers from everywhere on the globe. The company accepts different profiles for C++ developer position, disregarding the former specialization and years of experience. 

What could be the typical example of tasks/ projects?

  • Come up with a solution towards a feature request or an idea that nobody knows how to present yet, that might be a concept or in code;
  • Explain the solution you propose to colleagues who will make questions, try to find holes to continuously learn.
  • Iterate, improve what you or other developers came up with. 
  • All the developers program in C++ and they discuss things like concepts and code, conceptual design, usability and user experience. 


  • University degree (science, physics or mathematics) or work experience with C++,
  • Problem-solving approach would be an excellent combination for this role. 
  • Fluent English or German. (Only one is required.)
  • Any working experience (previous working experience is required)
  • Working not from the countries which are under world sanctions
  • In case the candidate relocates to another country he needs to be a legal resident of it + have bank account there or has possibility to send B2B invoic

To apply for this opportunity, please register you CV, or for more information call +36-30-730-2549.

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